Geek Grab Bag

Utter Nonsense From Nerds

The GGB is exactly what it sounds like. A bunch of nerds out to have a good time and talk about nerdy things. Video games, Movies, Comics, Television, hell even wacky videos. Just come hang around and listen to us be idiots. 

Lots of New Things on the Way

How's it going everyone? Well we've all been busy working on making everything more entertaining to you the fans. We are all pretty new to the content creator scene that is the web, but we are learning a bit more everyday. Just an update on what we have going on so you guys can give us feedback or even ideas. 

-Our Youtube channel has started up. We've been working on editing content to fill the space. 

-We've resumed Streaming on Twitch. Just one of us has at the moment but we should have a few more people up and going soon. Probably going to have a GGB Channel that Hosts all of our various streamed antics. Check Dallas' Stream out when you get a chance. 

-Graphics are on the way for our various social media outlets. I know they look cheap and plain at the moment, but whats on the way should be great. We just wanted to get the content out there. Now we are working on making everything look nice. 

-We have had a few ideas for content videos, but was wanting to know what you guys like to see. 

  •           -Unboxings?
  •           -Reviews?
  •           -Tech/Achievement Guides?
  •           -People getting hit in the nuts?!?

You tell us. We want to make content that is fun for us and fun for you.

Other then all that, get ready for a good 2016. We love you guys and can't wait to see what the year holds.