Geek Grab Bag

Utter Nonsense From Nerds

The GGB is exactly what it sounds like. A bunch of nerds out to have a good time and talk about nerdy things. Video games, Movies, Comics, Television, hell even wacky videos. Just come hang around and listen to us be idiots. 

Update 1/29/16


Recorded Podcast #4 last night and after some editing today we will have it out for you guys. We also had a talk about future options for you guys regarding delivery of the podcast and other content. Right now, all the podcasts are hosted and only listenable from the GGB Website. As soon as artwork arrives in my hands you will have the ability to subscribe to us on ITunes. We are just waiting on that last hurdle. Also we had a talk last night about starting to live stream the podcast to Twitch, YouTube, etc. Is this something everyone would be interested in? Being that we use Skype the image wouldn’t be as you would typically expect but I think people might get a little more out of it. Let us know your fillings on the matter. We love the feedback we have been getting and encourage more people to speak up and let us know what you want.