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Emulators on iOS

If you're like me you are an Apple junkie. You love their products and the way the system integration works flawlessly 90% of the time. But my biggest complaint has always been the lack of good emulators to play my old-school games. Basically there are two choices when it comes to getting emulators to run on iOS. Method one involves jail-breaking the phone so you can install home-brew software not accepted by apple. This process is great if you know what you're doing, but the average user may shy away from this due to its complexity. 

Well i'm here to tell you Method 2 is the way for you. This method involves side-loading applications. You side-load emulators by bypassing the app store to add things to your home screen. Now I will give a disclaimer here and say that this apps do not go through the process in the app store to make sure they are malware free, so continue at your own risk. (I will say that I have loaded these and had no problems as of yet)

Anyhow here is a video I came across that details how to get a Game boy color emulator up and running in iOS without having to use a computer.