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Hasbro Set to Release Simon Air

I’m sure most of you have come across the old 70s/80s game Simon. I remember playing it the first time after I found it in my grandmother’s basement, in a box of toys from my uncle’s childhood. If you aren’t familiar with the game, the concept is pretty simple. It was a circle split into 4 sections that had a different colored button on each. The computer would play a series of lights and sounds and the player had to memorize and then input them back in the correct sequence. It was your basic memory game.

Well Hasbro has decided to update this old game with new age technology. No longer will you have to touch the lights, but will instead gesture at the correct color. Not to just release a product with a hands free aspect, Hasbro has also added new sequences that require the player to sweep across multiple colors to add a new level of interaction.

If you want to bring back some of those younger memories Simon Air will be on the market later this fall for around $20.

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