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Pirate Group, 3DM, Takes a Year Off

3DM, a group that illegally cracks and pirates PC titles recently stated that they would be taking a year off to see how much of an impact their efforts affect the video game market. 3DM is one of the world’s largest pirate groups and account for a very large percentage of all PC cracks released. This is following recent statements by 3DM leader “Bird Sister” (also known as Phoenix) that, “Current trends in the development of encryption technology” could destroy game piracy in only a couple of years.

All of this is coming on the wake of 3DM working on a crack for Just Cause 3, which uses the new Denuvo technology. Denuvo was created by an Australian company and works by protecting existing digital rights management (DRM) systems already in place such as Origin and Steam licensing management. 3DM has yet to crack this new system.

So in my opinion this really is a saving face with your peers situation. 3DM, one of the best, can’t crack this new system. So by taking the time off to “track impacts on the video game market” they aren’t admitting defeat, But all that is just me.

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