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Defeat Telemarketers With Jolly Roger!

Everyone has gotten that phone call before. The one where you just sat down for dinner and the phone rings with a number you don't have saved in your phone. You do the inner struggle of, "Should I answer this? What if it’s the hospital? What if [Insert loved one here] had a stroke?"  So you pick up only to be greeted by "Jim" a lively Middle Eastern man that wants to sell you the greatest and latest new thing. 

"Well shit, they got me again." Well one man has had enough. He created Jolly Roger Telephone Co. He, like all of us, was fed up with the phone calls. Do-Not call lists just don't work sometimes, so he created a robot to handle all these calls for you. 

The way it works is simple. Telemarketer calls, you answer, you add another call to the session, and sit back and laugh hysterically. Jolly Roger will answer questions to the telemarketer with vague "Yes", "Uh huh", "Keep talking, I’m listing", and even outlandish reasons why he needs the telemarketer to start over. 

I laughed so hard watching the below video. If you have a telemarketer problem check out Jolly Roger Telephone Co. and start taking the fight to them.