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The Division Open Beta Thoughts

I am inertly a single player guy. I do enjoy multiplayer games, but with having to work, raise a family, and do other adult things I don’t have the time to set aside hours to play with friends who are in the same situations. So when it came to the Division my views are mixed.

This game does have a single player aspect, but having only played a few missions in the beta I can’t tell the scope of involvement for a single player experience. The missions were fun and well oriented, but you can see how they would be much better in a team based area.

The multiplayer area labeled “The Darkzone” was fun but I didn’t really understand what was going on. It is an area where PVP is possible but you are penalized for killing other players. The concept was tough to wrap my head around. It might just be that I didn’t spend enough time in it to fully grasp it, so judgment is still out on this one as well.

This is the main reason I wanted to play the beta beforehand so I could test the waters and see if this would be a game for me. And I have to say that it is still up in the air. I guess the beta didn’t sum it up enough for me to make a judgment. What about you guys? Any thoughts? Comment below.