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Jay and Silent Bob Game Announced

Developer Interabang Entertainment announced today a Fig campaign to fund Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch. It will be a 2-D beat-‘em-up game in the style of Double Dragon and Streets of Rage.

Jay and Bob will be stuck in a massive mall looking for their loyal customers and have to battle their way through foes. It will feature a unique combo system which they are dubbing Convo-Combo Combat. It involves dialogue queues that you sync between Jay and Bob to create Yo-mama style jokes that add to fist and kick attacks. This seems fitting for a game based in the Smith genre, where almost 85% of his movies are about the dialogue.

This isn’t Interabang’s first entry into this style game. They have previously released other side-scrolling brawlers such as Shinobi Ninja Attacks and Super Comboman. They say that Kevin Smith’s movies were an inspiration throughout the making of those games and always wanted to make a Jay and Silent Bob game.

The team at Interabang are launching on Fig, a crowdfunding platform from former Double Fine COO Justin Bailey. Fig is different in the fact that investors have the ability to become a stakeholder in the project.  Chronic Blunt Punch will accept accredited investment as well as unaccredited reservations, alongside traditional rewards.

I’m tempted to be excited about this game. I love me some Kevin Smith. What about you guys?

Original story found on IGN