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Unravel the Mystery of 10 Cloverfield Lane

I’m sure lots of people have seen Cloverfield since its release in 2008, but I’m certain not many people remember the viral campaign or all the secret things in the movie like we do here at Geek Grab Bag. I remember hour long conversations with Keith and multiple other friends arguing and debating what everything really meant. J.J. Abrams is a master at this viral campaigning. He has done it with almost everything he has ever been involved with. Well, it seems that he is back at it again with 10 Cloverfield Lane. Below I’m going to try and condense what fans have put together over at Reddit. Please, if this interests you, go over and check out the links and evidence these guys have found. It’s amazing the effort they have put into this campaign.

A couple users decided to email Tagruato, which was a major part of the 2007-2008 Cloverfield Campaign, and got identical responses. After digging into the email a little more they noticed at the end there was an Employee of the Month 2016. They decided to try to email the company back in a month’s time and see if the return email was different.

When they received another email it was a duplicate from the last they got, but the Employee of the Month changed. And they noticed a link to the different branches of Tagruato and their respective Employee of the Month. For the branch “Bold Futura” the employee listed was “Howard Stambler” who has a picture that is actually of “John Goodman”

In the photo John Goodman is wearing a shirt that reads RadioMan70. A few users traveled to which redirected you to where you see some pictures of the Eiffel Tower. If you click on the picture of the woman with a television/computer monitor you will be asked to enter a passphrase. The passphrase is “Do you want to talk?” without quotations. Once it is entered correctly you taken to a message to “Megan”, from a person claiming to be her father. He tells her to revisit the site constantly so he can help prepare her.

This following part was just brilliant to me, but at the end of the message there is a comment box that if you enter something into it and attempt to send, you are asked to confirm you are Megan. A question pops up saying “What is the secret gift I gave you on your 13th birthday?” The answer to that hasn’t been found yet, but if you search the source code of the web page you will find a message hidden that states; “You do not belong here. Megan would never come here. I know who you are and will be tracking you.”

After some time, a new letter was posted to Megan stating that she has not yet replied to his messages, and also confirms that he is in New Orleans and the bunker entrance is behind the house. The link to keep checking this site from the first message is also updated which takes you to a site detailing the instructions/items related to a survival pack. It gives all sorts of directions for different types of attacks and such. He continues on in the message to blame the Soviets, instead of North Korea, as he states they are what people seem to believe are causing the whole fiasco.

After some more time, a new letter is posted to Megan where her father blames her mother for convincing Megan not to listen to him. He continues to ramble on about spy satellites and how he worked with them on a highly classified mission called SEASAT. In the SEASAT mission they tracked Soviet spy satellites, but claims they found something much, much bigger. The people running the mission then cancelled the project and he claims it was a cover-up to prevent anyone from knowing what they found.

He then continues to say how he and his team were gathering evidence to prove what they found was real, but the commanders shut them down. They also sent his mentor who was also working on the project to jail for 365 years for spying for the Soviets. This caused him to leave the Navy. He also claims that all U.S. Government satellites launched after are cover-ups for missions to go out and keep an eye on whatever could destroy the government, world, etc.

People looked into his mentor being sent to jail for 365 years and found a man named Jerry Whitworth was sentenced to 365 years because he was spying for the Soviets. Jerry Whitworth was also a radioman for the Navy. He worked between 1968 and 1970.

The SEASAT satellite is a very real satellite that is in orbit around the Earth. SEASAT perfectly passes over where the Chuai Drilling Station, a Tagruato-owned drilling station in the Cloverfield Universe, would be. Another picture on the Reddit discussion shows that the satellite is getting even closer to the place where the station would be if it existed in real life.

Then the big news hits. A user when to the coordinates that were recently found to be located in Louisiana. When he arrived he noticed an empty bottle of Swamp Pop Satsuma Fizz(the fictional soda) on the ground. It was nest to a small pile of dirt where you could see something hidden below the surface. When he dug it up he found a 1344 cartridge case filled with survival gear, a note, some USB drives that also act as survival tools, and more. There was also a puzzle piece of a cat’s eye in the cartridge box. It just so happens to be the missing piece from the puzzle seen in the trailer.

After all this there was an update to the messages to Megan. The father mentions that they will probably live down in the bunker for years, so Megan needs to know what to do during life in the bunker. The link takes you to a web based video game where you must survive and the game rates how you do. You have 6 different supplies you must watch (Food, Water, Filter, Fuel, Fish, Aid). At the end you are told how long you survived. People believe that once you hit a certain time you should receive another message but that hasn’t been proven yet.

There is so much more to read about this, but these are the main items I found relevant at this time to share with you guys. Please, as I said, go to the Reddit and read all of this in more detail. Comment below with your theories so we can all discuss together.


I didn’t even get to mention the trailer finds. 10 Cloverfield Lane had 5 different trailers that went to the major theatre chains. They were all identical except for a frame added with different pictures. People froze those frames and the pictures are in this link here.