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My First Few Hours with Dark Souls III

Let me start with I did beat the original Dark Souls. It took me over 350 Deaths, but I eventually accomplished it. Dark Souls II, on the other hand, I just plain gave up on. If you’ve never played a DS game you just can’t understand the level of aggravation that comes along with it. You get that boss all the way down to maybe one or two more hits and then you get greedy and take one too many swings and end up eating it and losing all your souls up to that point. It is one of the only new age games that has made me want to smash my controller against a wall till I have a fine plastic dust pile.

Now, that all aside, I told myself I would not be getting the newest installment of the series. I wouldn’t put myself through the agony again. But, as you can guess, I did.

Why? Why would I do this to myself, you ask? Well, simply put, the game can be very fun. It can also be overly rewarding when you finally beat that boss you’ve been trying to beat for the last hour. It makes you jump from your chair and shout curses and praises all in the same mouthful. It will bring you to tears and also float you on a cloud of gamer ecstasy.

Here is what I’ve learned in my first few hours of game play. Yes certain aspects of the game are still as hard as before, but the mundane mob fights seem to be less grind-y. The boss take practice and multiple tries at times but I didn’t feel like the regular enemies were as grueling as the last game. Honestly, that is the reason I didn’t finish the last game.   

First Boss Fight


The first boss fight did take some getting used to. The knight was a basic fight up until half way through where he decided to mutate into a black hulking snake-man-thing. During this portion of the fight, I was wishing I had rolled that pyromancer so I didn’t have to get near him. But, after a few deaths, I got the hang of it and completed the fight, which opened the door so I was able to reach the Fire Link Shrine.

This is the part where I tell you guys how beautiful this game really is. For a game that just punishes you out of your sanity, at least it does it with great scenery. From the landscapes to the castles and shrines this game looks like a great piece of art. I could freeze frame almost any section; print it, frame it, hang it, and then sit back and look at it for hours. Hell, I spent a good 20 minutes just in the character creation screen tweaking my toon. (His name is Dr. Buttstuff and he resembles an older Bruce Banner in the middle of changing to the Hulk. If you don’t think the name is funny, just enter it into the lyrics of Dr. Feel Good and you’ll be chuckling as well.)  The weapon and armor designs are top notch as well, the developer put a lot of time into even the smallest detail of these designs.

I guess that’s where we getting into the story aspect of this game. I have no clue what’s going on most of the time, and that’s alright. Dark Souls is about the game play, and that’s where it shines. I may not know much of the lore but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a butt load of it to be had. The basics are simple; light vs. Dark. You need to bring the kings back to their thrones so they can link the fire and you can fight the Lord of Cinder. I did find that there were more NPC this game that had more things to tell. Add that with the detailed notes for each piece of gear you pick up, and then you can start piecing together a crazy story that has spanned eons. I actually decided to read a little up on the lore so I could better understand it and let me tell you it’s crazy. Check it out HERE for yourself. 

I guess wrapping up I can say that Dark Souls 3 has be hooked again. At least for the time being I’m not smashing controllers and scaring my neighbors, but I know that time might come at any moment. I’ll post a review when I’ve got a little farther in the game.

Justin and Myself will be streaming our game plays over the next couple weeks, be sure and come laugh at us die over and over.

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