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Final Game of Thrones Trailer

Here is my quick summarization of the trailer below. Before I get to that, I can not express how fucking excited I am for this new season. Having read the books and watched the show I've been more then ready for new stories I haven't yet seen, and since George "Rockin' Rodriguez" Martin hasn't finished the next book yet, the show gets to give it to me. Here are all the reasons this season is going to kick ass, just from the trailer below. 

-Bad Ass Arya Stark - We really get to see her come into her own as an assassin. I just hope that maybe by the end of this season she starts her journey home to start her murdering spree. 

-Sansa Wants Revenge - I want to see how this plays out. I've hated Sansa from the very beginning when she turns on her family basically right off the bat. Yeah, yeah, I know she comes back around but still its the principle of the thing. I'd like for her to be the one to kill Ramsey. 

-More White Walkers - This storyline, in my opinion, is the main point of all the books/episodes. They are coming and how can we stop them. They get very little time in the books so far and even though they get a little more in the show it just isn't enough. 

-The Night's King Returns - This character's standoff with Jon Snow last season was great. I'm still holding on to hope that Jon Snow will come back from the dead and have the showdown that scene last season promised. 

-ZOMBIE MOUNTAIN - I really hope that the fan theory on this one is true. I want my Hound vs. Zombie Mountain fight. And it seems to be coming to that. If it is revealed early on that The Hound is still alive, I'm calling this theory true. 

-Tyrion Meets the Dragons - I've had a theory for a long time now that Tyrion is going to be one of the dragon's master. I don't really have any proof for that, it's just a gut feeling. And that final scene in the trailer just made it an even deeper feeling. 

Get excited everyone Game of Thrones returns to television April 24th.

Winter is Coming!