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Week of March 21st Game Releases

March 21st

  • Hyperdimension Neptunia U (PC)

March 22nd

  • Fallout 4: Automatron (Xbox 1, PS4, PC)
  • Stranger of Sword City (Xbox 1)
  • Day of the Tentacle Remastered (PS4)
  • Republique (PS4, PC)
  • 101 Ways to Die (PS4)
  • Catlateral Damage (PS4)
  • Dragon Fantasy: The Black Tomb of Ice (PS4)
  • Polaris Sector (PC)
  • Out of the Park Baseball (PC)
  • Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet (PC)
  • Borstal (PC)

March 23rd

  • Chronicle: RuneScape Legends (PC)
  • Disposible Heroes (PC)
  • Farming 2017 - The Simulation (PC)
  • Zombie Gotchi (PC)
  • Way of the Samurai 3 (PC)
  • Spaceman Sprinkles 32 (PC)

March 24th

  • Samorost 3 (PC)
  • Waken! Lords of Mayhem (PC)
  • Slain! (PC)
  • Trackmania Turbo (PC)
  • Paws! A Shelter 2 Game (PC)
  • The Decendant (PC)
  • PolyRace (PC)
  • Hush Hush - Unlimited Survival Horror (PC)
  • Tiny Guardians (PC)
  • Holodrive (PC)
  • Hydra Slayer (PC)
  • Battlestorm (PC)

March 25th

  • Zombies on a Plane
  • Villagers
  • Mysterious Castel
  • Galactineers
  • MachingCraft