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Capturing Mew in Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow

As we all know Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow was just re-released on the 3DS E-Store. One of the older glitches in the original was the ability to capture Mew. Below is tG

1. Once your enter Cerulean City (after Mt. Moon) you ned to head for Nugget Bridge in the North. Make sure you have Pokeballs by stopping by the mart on the way. Also, leave an open spot on your roster. 

2. Go fight all the people on Nugget Bridge, beat them all and take a hard left. 

3. There will be a trainer hanging out  in the small strip of grass. DO NOT go too close above or below him. We don't want to fight him just yet. Walk to the side of him in the grass until you run into a wild Abra. Capture it! Just throw Pokeballs at it until you capture it because after one attack he will teleport away. (NOTE: you may not be able to find a Abra in Yellow in the same spot. Check Route 5, below Cerulean City, if possible.)

4. Once you have successfully captured an Abra you need to head back up and to your right towards Route 24. Fight and defeat every trainer except the young one labeled with a Four. Go below him so he doesn't see you. 

5. Once you have fought all trainers on Route 24 use Abra to teleport back to the Pokemon center in Cerulean City. Heal up! Now head back to where we left the guy on the bridge. SAVE THE GAME. This part is a bit tricky. Go stand diagonally from the corner that juts out above the grassy strip. You should be above the trainer, but not close enough for him to notice you and start a fight. 

6. Press down and start at the same time. If you do it right he trainer will be looking up at you, but you will be in the pause menu. Pick Abra and teleport back to the Pokemon Center. When you start to teleport you'll see the trainer "!".  If you see this you did it correctly. If he sees you before you hit start you need to reset the game. 

7. Back at the Pokemon center head back over the bridge to Route 24. DO NOT approach him, you need him to Walk to you at the north most wall. Otherwise, the game will crash. Defeat the kid. 

8. As soon as the battle is over, teleport back to the Pokemon center. Walk back to the bridge and start walking across it. 

9. The game will automatically pause as you make your way across. Unpause it and... there you go. You should be fighting a Mew. He should be level 7 and his only move is Pound. if you kill hi then reset the game and do steps 5 - 9 again. He is very weak so be careful. 

Congrats you now have a Mew.

Below is also a video guide.