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The GGB is exactly what it sounds like. A bunch of nerds out to have a good time and talk about nerdy things. Video games, Movies, Comics, Television, hell even wacky videos. Just come hang around and listen to us be idiots. 

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Episode 14 Live!

Episode 14 will be live this Thursday at 7:30pm Central Time. Come hangout with us and add your input to the stream chat. Tell us we are wrong, tell us we are dumb, or shower us with your love. Whatever is best for you.  Click the link below and make sure to follow so you don't miss any minute. 

Geek Grab Bag Live

Xbox One Party Chat in Twitch

If you are a Xbox One Preview Member, the update for March adds a few new features, but the most important one to me is the ability to add your live party chat to your twitch stream. I've been screaming about this ever since I started streaming on my xbox. It needed to be there day one, but it was never even talked about really. I tried to find multiple work-arounds, which I ended up using a Franenstien's monster mix up of Xbox and Skype on my pc. Those days are no more. We can all rejoice.